Dehumidified Drying System
  GB300~GB3000 series dual molecular sieve tower desiccant dryers, dew point value up to -60 ℃, wind measure Valued 300 to 3000 cubic meters/hr, and handling drying materials up to 1000 kg /hr. and above.
   Two-in-one Drying System
  GB100-01 and GB200-1 The dual molecular sieve tower desiccant dryer for hygroscopic polymer is suitable for small-sized designs. We intend to design this model is for the dew point being reached and maintained at below -45 ℃, hence the material is being performed drying in excellent. Dry wind valued 100 to 200 cubic meters / hour, mainly made against the supply of one and/or two small design injection molding machines for using good drying materials.
   Runner Dehumidifying Dryer
  GBF Series Runner Dehumidifying Dryer is mainly dehumidified by the structure of runner type molecular sieve. It has highly efficient continuous absorbent capacity. The working structure is cooled by absorbing water and closed loop which can provide -40℃ dry dew effect continuously. Continuous regeneration matched completed extents the life of the wheel molecular sieve greatly.
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