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GOLDENBOX software tool diversity, is the design, prediction, prevention and actively maintain production and process monitoring and providing solutions in real time, maximize productivity,more accurate monitoring of process plant, and to better identify and solve problems in order to reduce the equipment downtime.

Quality policy:

"High quality and technology, to platinum" is the quality policy of high pt. Each link in the production, strictly follow the quality policy requirements, connecting each step and each other,is the pursuit of refine on. As we know, minor errors will lead to great loss.

The quality objectives:

To the quality of survival, is the GOLDENBOX people engraved in mind. There is no guarantee of quality, there is no existence for a long time customer. In order to control the rate of customercomplaints within 5%, customer satisfaction to achieve more than 85 points, we still keep working hard, and strive to get the customer 100% satisfaction. "People oriented, continuous innovation,customer first, quality and efficient"