Following Goldenbox plastic machinery Co., LTD can provide meet extrusion and injection molding, blow molding, optical and medical treatment etc all kinds of application field a set of any requirement of auxiliary equipment ability

Injection moulding Injection moulding
PET perform production process, Goldenbox has perfect programs to customers, the equipment covered by the material handling and mixing, cooling of the mold, the use of recycled materials, energy saving of environmental friendly.
Blow moulding Blow moulding
The equipment of Goldenbox is developed based on the processing of the materials, components, applications, and blow molding use. To meet the requirement of production, our factory provides a complete set of perfect auxiliary group equipment, and ca...
Extrusion Extrusion
For extrusion process, Goldenbox provides a specialized technology for the customers to the development of an increasing wide range of products. All the productions process, including special production systems, we are able to provide the best solut...
Product son column Product son column