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  How to choose a plastic crusher?  

Everyone in the purchase of plastic crusher, choose suitable models, has a crucial impact on the plastic crusher crushing effect and the service life of the machine, the niasi plastic machinery with the simplest method, several points need to pay attention to some selection:
    A knife. Choose, suitable cutter claw, star shaped knife
    If you need to crush the raw materials are: nozzle, bad products, rubber, TPR rubber, plastic foam, plastic bottles and knives, so we recommend that you use the knife, if grinding is: plastic head, thicker nozzle, bad product crushing, suggest you choose: cutter claw, and the plastic bag class, grinding film class requires is star shaped knife.
    Two choose the machine size:
    1 see first crushing chamber dimensions. Dimensions can not to reject or nozzle crushed than crushing chamber size.
    2 as for crushed product size, the general water, poor product can into the crushing chamber can, if it is thick products or plastic head, preferably with large horsepower level or two level model, crushing easier.
    3 Production requirements. The output of a crusher in accordance with different models and different, if it is required a lot of crushing customers, the products can enter the mill, according to the mill output selection. Ordinary plastic yield can query specification table, smashing bottles, plastic bags, thin film products, yield only specification table the minimum value of about 1/3.
    Three selection of tool materials 9CiSi, Cr steel
    The common plastic, engineering plastics.
    For plastic material is hard, and glass fiber and fireproof material of plastic, rubber block heavy grinding.
    For soft rubber, plastic, such as styrofoam, plastic bags, film, plus fiber material is suitable for crushing.  Goldenbox ---- You are the good choice !


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