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  Dryer four advantages  

Mainly used for plastic dehumidifying dryer drying strong hygroscopicity, dehumidifying dryer after low dew point air dehumidification, into one or more standard drying hopper, in order to improve the drying efficiency and shorten the drying time

First, the plastic raw materials in the water away, in order to eliminate the formation of air bubbles, so that products meet the ideal mechanical, electrical properties, dimensional stability and appearance.

Second, because the dryer is carried out using a desiccant dry air, so it can shorten the drying time, saving hours of work.

Third, can prevent the occurrence of defective products and return loss, reduce waste generation.

Air line fourth, dehumidifying dryer adopts closed cycle system, and is equipped with a filter, and therefore not subject to external climate effects, and can prevent the dust pollution in the plant, improve the working environment. A good drying efficiency determinants: the drying temperature, dew point (Drying Temperature) (Dew point), the drying time (Residence time) and volume (Air flow), all the four factors, any one of these conditions change will affect the drying effect.

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