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  The difference between hot air dryer and plastic dehumidifying dryer  

Air dryer and plastic dehumidifying dryer are equally to the drying effect of good material, but it is different in the principle of drying, the principle of the different makes the difference in dehumidification drying. What a hot air dryer and plastic dehumidifying dryer have what difference? Let me GOLDENBOX detailed introduction for you :

The use of hot air dryer can be divided into single and centralized, single type air dryer dryer, drying barrels usually includes a host, suction machine. The use of single type suitable for a variety of drying, the utility model has the advantages of high efficiency and fast drying, convenient refueling. Centralized dryer includes a host and a plurality of drying drum dryer, drying barrels each heating controller independently, can dry a number of different materials, and with the air flow control valve to control the air volume of each drying barrel.

Air dryer by using the non-magnetic nickel chromium wire electric heating air as the heat source, the hot air circulating through every sub high efficiency or high efficiency filter can effectively prevent air entrainment of material deterioration in the circular reheating process. Plastic dehumidifying dryer is the evaporation of moisture in the air to bring to the drying effect of materials. This makes the work environment is also different.

Air dryer temperature control by PID/SSR, high precision, fast response, durable. There are multiple thermal overload protection device (except for the B type machine), and fully guarantee the safety of equipment. The air outlet is arranged K type thermocouple, direct detection, air temperature.

Multi fiber cotton insulation insulation, solid epoxy coating machine, the use of safe and reliable, can keep for a long time at high temperature. At the same time, hot air dryer continuous use temperature can reach 350 DEG C, wide application. Honeycomb plastic dehumidifying dryer adopt Japanese ceramic fibre core, can be equipped with PLC programmable touch screen, complete functions, can be ordinary cooling water low dew point temperature is up to -40 DEG C dew point, low dew point, with cold water machine up to -50 DEG C. Dehumidification and regeneration of plastic dehumidifying dryer continuous operation, to ensure the stability of the dew point temperature, dew point and stable at the temperature of -40 DEG C below a line, does not produce pollution to ensure the quality of plastic products.

Look from whole, dehumidification drying ability of hot air dryer and plastic dehumidifying dryer is roughly the same, but in the dehumidification drying way is not the same, the enterprise should choose according to the actual situation.


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