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  The use of plastics in automobile in 2020 will increase by 75%  

Core tip: in a hot car light wave, many enterprises are wrong to think that the plastics industry and the automotive climb relatives can soar, actually otherwise, in this process, the promotion of automobile materials thoroughly and many obstacles.

Industry experts predict that in 2020, per car plastics in 2014 will be 200 kilograms to 350 kilograms. At the same time, the carbon fiber in the automotive market will also show growth of three times, is expected to 2030, the manufacturing of carbon fiber car consumption will increase to 9800 tons, while in 2013 this figure was 3400 tons.

The rapid growth of the chemical industry of the automobile led, the next 17 years, the output of cars will be doubled, according to HIS automotive information survey, total vehicle in 2003 is 56900000, by 2020 this figure will reach 104100000, and most of this growth will be rapid development China market driven.

From a practical point of view, the automobile manufacturers in order to reduce vehicle weight, in line with the government set emission standards began to use new materials. For example, Usa Inc average fuel economy standard (CAFE), forced car manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption, the European Automobile road load and greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 30%, this series of policy requirements of the vehicle to use more advanced engine, gearbox and hybrid technology, among them, the use of carbon fiber and polymer and composite materials can make body weight decreased by 25%-70%.

The composite material has not been accounted for half"

In most cases, using the traditional metal processing method reducing weight to produce high performance to price ratio to improve the competitiveness of the mainstream car manufacturers, under the premise of ensuring safety, cost and benefit of the supply chain, manufacturers make more bold adjustment - the use of composite materials.

The plastic into the automotive industry has already had a period of time, such as polycarbonate glass to replace the ordinary glass, traveling in the car on the road almost every table has a P headlight and taillight PC/PMMA. PC the next target is the window, however, costs and regulatory problems limit the development of this kind of material.

Window using PC material will bring more innovation, such as the components can be integrated in the glass, window / light / board together, so that the car's overall style and price to make a change, maybe this will be a revolutionary innovation.

Automotive glass and interior has a number of car manufacturers to adopt plastic or composite materials, is currently seeking to change the automotive road, trying to make use of these materials in the body panels, bring the development of more sophisticated.

The material is still in the dark

Carbon fiber has been used in the manufacture of the most high-end car, which uses carbon fiber body panels production, including a wall panels, door panels, instrument panel and hood, to reduce vehicle weight, even if such a high cost of carbon fiber hindered the development of the market of it.

On the cost issue, the chemical industry has been given a clear answer: bubble, a mixture of plastic and fiber composite materials, the use of standard plastic and glass fiber in the foam structure. The material can be in the original basis of reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity. Bayer MaterialScience has exhibited this material in the 2013K, the use of carbon fiber and polymer and the composite weight can reduce the 25%-70%, and can be accepted in the manufacturer's price range.

BASF has become a leader in lightweight revolution, has put forward the development of resin impregnated cellulose solution, and further optimize the lightweight structure of mold and plastic production. This material has been used in the daily life of vehicle. For example, the solution can be used in the mass production of vehicles, but now the only support auto parts replacement. Experts predict that by 2020, these materials will bring a breakthrough concept and a new design of the storm in the automotive industry.

Supply chain risk become the obstacle

Although promising new material in the automotive industry, but there is a great potential risk of supply chain. Composite materials and advanced plastics manufacturers need to invest huge amounts of cost and the world in the operation of the supply base, in addition, the product reliability and reproducibility is essential, although profitable, but the crude oil and raw materials can directly affect the manufacturing cost.

With the small supply base for raw material production also will be very easy to be interference, such as the 2011 industrial group Evonik polyamide fire explosion, causing the world to stop the supply of raw materials of cohesive amide, this material widely used in the automotive industry, Evonik has spent nearly two years to regain the market.

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