Wire and cable coating

Typical end products: Insulated and coated wires and cables                      

Typical materials: PE, PVC, PTFE   

Typical throughputs: 500-800 kg/h

Process description

The insulation/coatings for wires and cables are typically mixed with two or more components at the intake of a single or twin screw extruder. The insulation or coating material is applied via a crosshead die. In this way the cable core or cable is fed through a special pipe. The polymer is entered on the side of this pipe and covers the cable core in a distribution area.

After extrusion, the insulated wire or coated cable is cooled by air, sprayed water or a water bath and is then sent to a haul-off and cutting station before being wound up.

For multilayer coatings, e.g. for the manufacture of coaxial cables, a multistage process must be used. First the cable core must be insulated, cooled and then sent to a special coiling station where the grounding and shielding is plaited around the insulation. The product will be coated with flexible and permanent insulation in another extrusion step.

When there is no need for an intermediary step, i.e. plaiting ground wires around coaxial cables, multiple layers can be co-extruded simultaneously. Colour code strips for electrical wiring can be produced by using a special instrument during co-extrusion.

System layout

1=GRAVIPLUS, 2=Cutting and coiling, 3=Extruder with crosshead die, 4=Cooling unit, 5=Haul-off station


Customer benefits

  • Flexibility in application through modular design
  • Reduction of down times at material change through intuitive handling (spring catches, etc.)
  • The high-grade (digital) load cell technology secures better recipe integrity and fewer rejects due to a very short reaction time at recipe and/or throughput changes. In addition, the process of time-consuming process sampling and system calibration is omitted
  • Acquisition of the consumption data - precise account of charges and stockkeeping possible
  • Very precise control of the overall process (start-up phase, recipe change, fast and continuous adjustment of production capacities) automatic start-up processes through integration of upstream control
  • Expertise in process engineering and process-oriented overall know-how makes Goldenbox  the ideal partner for you